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You Can Speak Education Foundation, V.T. Sangamner, Dist - Ahmednagar. The institute has expert teachers and `You Can Speak concept' is developed by visiting more than 2000 schools of Maharashtra & discussing with numbers of expert teachers of English language. Hence You Can Speak patterns have been started in many schools of Maharashtra with 100% result. You Can Speak Kit is designed in such a way that you don't need to join Spoken English Class. You can study all course from the kit and Pendrive. You can do practices of more than 2 lakh sentences of English.It's an amazing concept and technique.Kindly trust by watching our demo videos on this website or on You Tube.

The kit contains 60 Days. effective spoken English Pen drive version with important study material.

The Kit provides you 4 important books.

  • You Can Speak.
  • The Structure of Spoken English
  • Sai grammar most simplified.
  • The best book for reading, writing and pronunciation.

Who we are

The Kit contains 60 Days. Pen drive Schedule + important study material with 4 books. More than 60 Days. effective video lectures with good animation, remarkable techniques of spoken English with writing, communication skills, grammar interviews techniques & personality development sessions with 4 important books.The Kit also provides you important techniques of nonstop speaking on any topic for group discussion & practice of more than 2 lakh sentences of English language.The only Kit & Pen drive is available with Direct Method, Translation Method & Structure Method.

Our Mission

Using You Can Speak kit, every one can learn remarkable techniques of spoken English with writing, communication skills, grammar, interviews techniques and improve our Eglish Performance.This software kit is easy to use for everyone.


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